Weapons 2 blue sickle

Sickle in Manhunt 2

Sickle is a blue class weapon that appears in levels Best Friends, Broadcast Interrupted, Altered State, and Personality Clash. it is used by The Bloodhounds and The Watchdogs.


  • Hasty: The sickle is swung up through the hunter's groin from behind, Danny then rips it out, causing the hunter's internal organs to fall out as he falls to the ground.
  • Violent: Danny rips into the hunters shoulder using the sickle, he then he pulls it out and the hunter falls to his knees where Danny slices into the hunter’s head with the sickle.
  • Gruesome: Daniel grabs the hunter in a choke hold and slices into his gut with the sickle and rips it diagonally from the pit of his gut up to his shoulder. Once the sickle has penetrated the hunter Daniel releases the hunter, forcing him to hunch over on all fours, Danny then again grabs the hunter and runs the sickle across the hunters throat.
  • Jumping: The hunter is grabbed by his shoulder while Danny is in the air once he lands on the ground he puts the sickle through the hunters head from behind cutting the hunter through his face and pulls the sickle until it rips out of the hunters head.