Weapons 2 red shovel

Shovel in Manhunt 2

Shovel is a red class weapon that appears in the levels Red Light, Assassination (Wii), Domestic Disturbance (Wii) and Personality Clash. It is used by The Watchdogs.


  • Hasty: Danny cuts into the hunters back with the blade end of the shovel and when the hunter falls to the ground he smashes the back of the hunter’s head with the shovel to finish him off.
  • Violent: Daniel sticks the shovel into the hunter’s lower back, and then hits him in the chest with the face of the shovel. Daniel then places the shaft of the shovel across the hunters neck and sticks his knee into his back, as he pulls back on the shovel he snaps the hunters neck.
  • Gruesome: Danny sticks the shovel between the hunter’s legs and twists it so that it cuts into the hunters groin and pulls it out from the hunter’s legs slicing him up. Danny then leans over the fallen hunter and puts the shovel over his neck and stands on it, decapitating the hunter’s head.
  • Jumping: Danny jumps with the shovel sideways and plants it in the hunter’s head, once he lands on the ground he pulls the shovel back out of his head.