Weapons 2 red sheers

Sheers in Manhunt 2

Sheers or Hedge Trimmers is a red class weapon that appears in Ghosts (Wii) and Domestic Disturbance.


  • Hasty: Danny stabs the blades into the back of the hunter's neck. He then opens the Sheers up and rips them out of the left side of the hunter's neck, killing him.
  • Violent: Danny stabs the points of the Sheers into the hunter's lower back and continues to cut into it, cutting his spine in half.
  • Gruesome: Danny cuts into the hunter's right thigh, causing him to turn around while holding the wound. Danny then then cuts the hunter's right hand and finishes him off by placing the blades around the hunter's neck and are squeezed until the hunter's head come off.
  • Jumping: Danny stabs the blades through the back of the hunter's neck as he lands. Danny then pulls the blades out and lets the dead hunter fall to the ground.