Razor in Manhunt 2

Razor is a blue class weapon but exclusive only in Wii. It appears in Ritual Cleansing and Origins.


  • Hasty: Danny grabs the hunter's head with his left arm from behind and sticks the Razor into the hunter's throat. Danny then shakes it around before taking it out. With blood spewing from the hunter's neck, Danny then pushes him over.
  • Violent: Danny slashes the hunter in his left thigh, causing him to turn around while holding his thigh. Danny then stabs the hunter in the throat and slices it up to his ear and then back to his throat, killing him. Danny then pushes the dead hunter over.
  • Gruesome: Danny slices the hunter in the back of the head and drags it down to the back of his neck. He then slices the hunter's right shoulder then his left shoulder. Causing the hunter to turn around while holding the back of his head with his right hand. Danny continues to stab the hunter in the throat, killing him. Danny then pushes the hunter's body over.
  • Jumping: Danny slashes the back of the hunter's head as he lands, he then steps to the side of the hunter and slashes him in the face repeatedly before slicing his throat, killing him.