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Police Maverick

The Police Maverick is a helicopter that is deployed by the Cottonmouth Police Department to hunt down the player in Manhunt 2. It appears in the two episodes: Assassination and Domestic Disturbance. It also appears in the Grand Theft Auto series, the helicopter's colours and model are the same as the Police Maverick's in GTA Vice City, although the logo is different and there is no inscription on the side, it should say "CPD". It shares the same abilities as the Police Mavericks and Police Helicopter from the GTA 3 Era games, such as the powerful searchlight and invisible machine gun under the fuselage.

To get rid of the fact that there's no pilot, Rockstar blacked out the windows of the helicopter. It is interesting to know that the helicopter is infact not solid thus it can phase through walls, even though it will not follow you into places it can't reach you in (this goes with all 3 helicopters in the game). It also cannot be shot down at all.

If you were to step in the path of the searchlight, the Police Maverick will open fire on the player, but in certain points, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid the Police Maverick as it follows you everywhere (this also goes for the other 3 helicopters).