"Original Manhunt"

These are some references in Manhunt 2 that connects to the first game, Manhunt.


  • Some of the Bloodhounds (in "Broadcast Interrupted", "Most Wanted", and "Altered State") are wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods. This is a reference to the Skinz from the Original Manhunt, although they were more Neo-Nazi-like.
  • Some of the Bloodhounds have appearances nearly identical to the Wardogs in the Original Manhunt. They are depicted in camouflage jackets, camouflage pants, camouflage hat and a rebel bandana. All of the Wardogs had camouflage, but some of them also had camouflage caps and plaid bandanas.
  • The executions for the Sickle are basically redone versions of the sickle executions from the Original Manhunt, but in different order. The first execution is the same as the Violent execution in the Original Manhunt. The Violent execution is the same as the first execution in the Original Manhunt, plus an extra strike to the face. The third execution remains the same, and is just slightly higher on the victim's torso.
  • The "J.E.C. and Sons" construction sign on the Assassination level is a reference to James Earl Cash, the Protagonist of the Original Manhunt
  • Some of the Watchdogs that saw Daniel hiding said "I can track you from here to Carcer.", This is a reference to a place "Carcer City" from Original Manhunt.