• The intro cut scene for Sexual Deviants shows Daniel and Leo hiding behind a car as they scout the club up ahead. The car featured is known within the Grand Theft Auto franchise as a 'Voodoo'.
  • If you listen to the background music during the introduction cut scene for the mission ‘Life’s a Beach’ in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you will notice that it is the very same piece of music used in the porn theatre for the episode ‘Safe House’ in Manhunt 2.
  • The episode ‘Assassination’ features a billboard advertisement for 'Thirdleg Clothing', this advertisement was first seen in the October 2005 release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories features fast food chain by the name of 'KING KNUTS', the logo of which is a king's crown. In Manhunt 2 there is a street gang known as the 'Red Kings' who also have a king's crown as their insignia, which can be seen carved into the walls surrounding ‘Red Light’.
  • The Police Maverick in "Assassination" and "Domestic Disturbance", is also in Grand Theft Auto Series: Vice City, San Andreas, GTA IV, Liberty City Stories, and Vice City Stories.
  • The episode ‘Assassination’ features several billboards from GTA LCS: Sprunk billboard and the Silent Death movie billboard. This episode also features a billboard with a strriper from GTA San Andreas.
  • The Cok Cigarettes seen on the floor in the Sexual Deviants and Red Light first appeared in GTA San Andreas.
  • In Daniel's Safe House in the level Safe House, 2 t-shirts from GTA: San Andreas can be found: one with the Sub Urban logo and the second t-shirt with a Eris logo.