Weapons 2 green glassshard

Glass Shard in Manhunt 2

Glass Shard is a green class weapon and appears in Awakening, Sexual Deviants, Red Light, Bees Honey Pot, Most Wanted, Ritual Cleansing (Wii), Origins, Broadcast Interrupted and Altered State.


  • Hasty: Danny jumps on the hunter's back and stabs him three times in the stomach before slicing the Shard up from his stomach all the way to his to his right shoulder blade, causing the hunter's stomach to rip open.
  • Violent: Danny reaches around the hunter's neck and slits his throat, he then spins the hunter around and stabs him four more times in the stomach.
  • Gruesome: Danny stabs the hunter in the lower back and pulls it up causing the hunter to fall to his knees, he then grabs the hunter's head and pulls it back, Danny then stabs the hunter's right eye, he shakes it around a little, takes it out, then slits the hunter's throat.
  • Jumping: Danny jumps on the ground and slashes the hunter' on the back of the he as he lands, he then stabs the hunter in the face four times before slicing his neck, killing him.