180px-Fisto sugar

Leo inside the Fisto Sugar Factory

Fisto Sugar Factory is a big factory producing sugar situated on Blackwell Island in Manhunt 2. It is the setting for the level Best Friends. The slogan of the factory is Ohhh, Fisto and the logo is a red fist. Inside, there can be found packing machines, meat grinders (Leo Kasper may perform a Meat Grinder execution if he switches on the grinders) and other kinds of machinery used for producing sugar. It is a mystery why the grinders are in a sugar factory. This industrial sized machinery has two rotating metal cylinders with spikes on them, those are used for grinding large amounts of pork and lamb. The Fuse Box execution also may be performed inside the building.

Inside and outside the factory, there are several Mule trucks with the factory logo printed on them and Forklifts.

Weapons and items Edit