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Dixmor Asylum interior

Dixmor Asylum (also known as Dixmor Hospital, Cottonmouth's Asylum or Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane) is a huge mental asylum located somewhere in Cottonmouth in Manhunt 2. The asylum was established in 1932. It is owned by The Project, the Asylum Orderlies and the Project Scientists can be seen working in the hospital. Dixmor is mostly for insane criminals and failed Project experiments, such as The Legion and Dixmor Inmates. The inmates live in a highly unpleasant condition. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper were prisoners in the asylum, before they escaped during a riot.

The building interior includes several floors and underground levels with cells, a few guards huts, an operating room, showers and locker rooms.

The building exterior includes a yard, parking (with a Yankee and Trashmaster) and a few Blista cars outside the building.

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