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Daniel Lamb

He is the main playable character in Manhunt 2.


He was a former scientist with "The Pickman Project" but ended up locked away in the Dixmor Asylum for six years. A lead researcher and scientist, Daniel's recent invention of the drug Cortexa was revealed in an audio recording of a clinical session. The drug is used to help Danny temporarily recover from his amnesia. When the Project lost its funding, Danny volunteered to be a test subject for the "Pickman Bridge." His family was not supportive of this, but it is implied that he was deeply in debt and his family needed the money. The process seemed to be a success, but the killer personality implanted in him - Leo Kasper - was able to act too freely on his own. Leo convinced Danny to burn any records of their past, unknowing that Leo was really attempting to start a new life in Danny's body. The final link to Danny's past was his family, so Leo took over once more and murdered Danny's wife. Danny was captured and put in Dixmor for six years, when the game begins. He has no recollection of who he was before the Project started. Leo - whom he thinks is an actual person - is his only link to his past. After working with Leo for a long time after escaping, Daniel learns that Leo killed his wife and attempts to defeat Leo in his own mind. If the player plays as Daniel, Daniel kills Leo several times but he keeps coming back, not being human after all. The ghost of his wife comes and tells him to bury her body in his mind to end it all. Once he does this, Daniel smashes Leo in the face with a shovel until he is dead. After this, Danny wakes up on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere. His memory has been wiped clean and in his hand is a note giving him a new name, David Joiner, and a fresh start. After reading the notes he looks around, curious about what happened to him, before he walks down the road.

Trivia Edit

  • Daniel Lamb graduated from San Fierro University in the Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.