Crowbar in Manhunt 2

Crowbar is a blue class weapon and appears in Ghosts, Sexual Deviants, Safe House, Most Wanted, Ritual Cleansing, Origins, Broadcast Interrupted, Altered State and Personality Clash. A Crowbar is used by The Watchdogs, Leo Kasper and Judy Sender. It is used for breaking padlocks like from Original Manhunt of how Cash breaks the padlocks. It is also used to open shutters, and breaking locks on trapdoors.


  • Hasty: Danny stabs the hunter square in the spine, he then shakes it around until the hunter falls to the ground.
  • Violent: Danny sticks the hooked side of the Crowbar into the top of the hunter's skull, he then pulls back three times before actually ripping off the hunter's face.
  • Gruesome: Danny sticks the Crowbar in the back of the hunter's neck and snaps it back out, the hunter then falls to the ground, Danny stabs the hunter in the stomach five times, on the fifth stab Danny shakes the Crowbar around to make sure that the hunter is dead.
  • Jumping: Danny hits the hunter on the back of the head with the Crowbar as he lands, Danny then hooks the hunter's face with the Crowbar and shakes it backwards and forwards until he rips the hunter's face off.