A rich suburban district

Cottonmouth is the name of the city used in the Manhunt 2 video game. The city's name isn't mentioned in the game, but it can be seen on the police helicopter by using the Sniper Rifles scope during the level Assassination and on a Dixmor Asylum poster advert in the guard's hut at the beginning of the level Origins. It is mused that Cottonmouth would exist in the same fictional world as the GTA games, because of overlaps and references within them.

Cottonmouth is situated on Florida, because the police helicopter shares the same colours with the Vice City Police Department Police Maverick helicopter, the Burrito, Stinger and Admiral cars have a Florida license plate and there are palm trees in several levels. Cottonmouth is much more modern, cleaner and safer than Carcer City, with skyscrapers in the area of Downtown, domiciled houses and blocks. In Carcer, gangs are the most threatening, in Cottonmouth, Danny and Leo are more dangerous than street gangs.

Some places in Cottonmouth are similiar to other places in the cities of the GTA III Era:

  • The Dixmor Asylum is alike the Darkwoods Penitentiary in Carcer City and Happy Volts Asylum in Bullworth Town.
  • The Red Light District is similiar to the Red Light District in Liberty City.
  • Sewer System in Cottonmouth is much the same as the sewer system in Los Santos.
  • Downtown Cottonmouth is similiar to Bedford Point and Torrington in Liberty City and Downtown in Vice City. Some building models from Liberty and Vice are in Cottonmouth .
  • The rich suburban district in the level Most Wanted is alike the Prickle Pine district in Las Venturas.
  • The residental district in the level Domestic Disturbance is similiar to the Rockshore West district in Las Venturas.
  • The final room in the mansion in Daniel's mind in the level Release Therapy is similiar to the attic room in the level Deliverance in Manhunt, where Cash killed Starkweather.
  • The studio back lot is alike the Red County in San Andreas.
  • In the hidden interiors heaven in GTA: San Andreas there are brothels similar to the Bees Honey Pot Brothel.

Crime Edit

The city has, in 2007, a low crime rate. This is mentioned by a civilian in the level Domestic Disturbance, who says This neighbourhood is completely safe, hasn't been a mugging in 8 years. However, the city has, in 2013, a high crime rate. The main problem for the city is the organised crime, and in particular the problem of gangs (such as the Red Kings). The city has also problems with specific individuals like Leo Kasper (2007, 2013) and Daniel Lamb (2013). Also graffiti is commonplace. The force responsible for patrolling and maintaining order in the city is the Cottonmouths Police Department (Cops and S.W.A.T.).

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Residents Edit

  • Daniel Lamb - protagonist
  • Leo Kasper - second playable character/antagonist
  • Dr. Pickman - antagonist
  • Dr. Whyte - Daniel's friend
  • Dr. Deborah - murdered by Leo
  • Michael Grant - Daniel's friend
  • Judy Sender - Daniel's friend
  • Mrs. Lamb - Daniel's wife
  • Mendez - asylum orderly
  • Reznik - asylum orderly
  • Tom - asylum orderly
  • George - asylum orderly
  • Reggie - asylum orderly
  • Higgs - a Watchdog
  • Spaulding - a Watchdog
  • Grimmins - a Watchdog
  • Venchek - a Watchdog
  • Spengler - a Watchdog
  • Marko - a Watchdog
  • Cletus - a Bloodhound
  • Georgy Boy - a Perv
  • Charlie - a cop
  • Louise - a civilian
  • Walton - a civilian
  • Harold - a civilian
  • Terry Helmut - a TV presenter
  • Shaniqwua - a music star
  • Hans Idol - an actor
  • Heidi Hole - an actress
  • Marge - a prostitute
  • Betty - a prostitute
  • Ethel - a prostitute
  • Ada - a prostitute

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Transportation Edit

The main form of transport throughout Cottonmouth is by road, there is a prominent freeway seen in the level Ritual Cleansing. There is also a train system.

Weather Edit

Cottonmouth is located in a warm and tropical climate, most likely in the middle or North of Florida, because palm trees can be found in the Most Wanted and Domestic Disturbance levels and the flashback levels are set in February and snow is absent. The city has occasional thunderstorms and rain.

Trivia Edit

  • Cottonmouth describes the feeling when someone get's numb.
  • Cottonmouth is a play on the band "Kottonmouth Kings".
  • It's name is also derived from the "Cottonmouth Cobra".