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The Cops assaulting a Red King

The Cops (also known as the Cottonmouth's Police Department and Rent-a-Cops) are an organization that appears in Manhunt 2. They appear in the missions Red Light, Ritual Cleansing and Domestic Disturbance.

The Cops are an alliance hired by The Project to protect the Project Facilities that may be vulnerable to non-Project personnel. Their main motivation is the money, they're are also some cops that you come across that just enjoy the satifaction of putting away criminals. Some police officers are corrupt (Red Light and Ritual Cleansing). During the events from Manhunt 2, they chase down Leo Kasper for killing people at the Project Plaza and Daniel Lamb for escaping from the Dixmor Asylum and killing the Asylum Orderlies. Their weapons of choice are the Flashlight and the Nightstick.