thumb|300px|right thumb|300px|right Upon returning to the safe house, Danny sees a picture of himself and Michael, causing a flashback. Danny then goes back to when he and Michael are on a boat near an island with an abandoned sugar factory on it. Danny then aims a Light Handgun at Michael and tells him to take the Pickman Bridge out of his head. Michael refuses to do so and tells Danny that it might kill him. Coincidentally, Michael had the key to the boat, their only way off the island. Danny then suffers a headache and while he is, Michael slaps the gun out of his hand, causing it to fall into the water. Michael then grabs a Flare Gun from the pier and escapes into the sugar factory. With Project Militia closing in, Leo decides to get the key from Michael, for Danny has been temporarily stunned by the headache.


Blackwell Island Shipping Docks and the Fisto Sugar Factory



Environmental ExecutionsEdit