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The Bees Honey Pot Brothel exterior official artwork

Bees Honey Pot is a brothel in Manhunt 2 owned by The Pimps. It is located in the Red Light District in Cottonmouth. In the past, the brothel was called Blue Chevalier Hotel. It is the setting for the level Bees Honey Pot, where Danny is searching Judy. The Pimps are filming pornography in the building and the motto of the brothel is "Real eye candy: watch the birds & the bees get it on!".

Interior Edit

There are 4 floors in the brothel and a yard: 1 Floor

  • Main Hall
  • Reception Desk and room
  • Locker Room
  • Generator Room
  • Laundry (with bloody cages)
  • Security Room
  • Room with a Women corpse

2 Floor

  • Rooms 101,102,103 and 104
  • Storage

3 Floor

  • Two destroyed rooms
  • Studio room

4 Floor

  • Recording rooms

Hunters Edit

Weapons and Items Edit

Environmental Executions Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the beta, the brothel was called The Honey Pot.
  • There are Titty Citty posters in the reception room and main hall.
  • There are paintings with a stripteaser from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the main hall and several rooms.
  • There's a Honey Pot billboard in the level Assassination.